The aims of the Song Collectors Collective are to:

Meet Tradition Bearers including singers, tellers and musicians and to conserve the traditional oral culture alive in Britain, Ireland and beyond

Record the repertoires of songs, stories and lore of Tradition Bearers, with initial focus on the old traditional songs of the Gypsy and Traveler communities of Britain and Ireland

Share these recordings freely with as many people as possible to encourage appreciation of the Tradition Bearers and their repertoires and to help conserve traditional oral culture

Return copies of the recordings to the individuals, families and communities who have contributed

Provide an archive of these recordings as a resource for the public to use for personal enjoyment, education, social work, and performance

Empower a new generation of song collectors to meet, record, share, return, provide and empower others to ensure the future of Song Collecting and the conservation of traditional oral culture


The Song Collectors Collective is a united community of amateur collectors, editors, archivists, academics and enthusiasts all supporting and empowering each other to fulfil the aims of the group.

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