Sharing and Downloading the recordings

Most of the SCC recordings can be downloaded for free by clicking the download button in the top right hand of the SoundCloud widget box. If you are struggling, please see the Soundcloud help article here. This downloads the songs straight to your desktop or your iTunes. Unfortunately the SCC volunteers are not all computer whizzes so cannot help with this and we can’t explain how this works on the different computer platforms. Please see the SoundCloud help menus to find out how it works with your computer.

If you would like to share the songs on your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr page please click the share icon in the top right of the SoundCloud widget. This way you can help these songs to be shared as widely as possible.

Usage Guidelines
The recordings made and received by the SCC, including all those published on the internet by the SCC, are intended to be freely copied and shared for the purpose of benefitting the tradition and the Tradition Bearers of today and tomorrow. Learn them, burn them, share them, care for them. Give CDs to your friends and family and most importantly of all – sing the songs, tell the stories, learn the lore and become a keeper of the flame and a Tradition Bearer to the next generation.

Use of these recordings, the musical, vocal, literary and other copyrighted material within them or any derivations thereof for any other purpose including, but not restricted to, any activity for commercial gain, advertising, or any usage not conducive to the expressed aims of the SCC is strictly prohibited unless executed with prior expressed written permission from the SCC. Any infringement of this will be taken seriously and legal infringements regarding intellectual property violations will be brought before the relevant courts of England and Wales and other relevant territories.

Trust and respect between the SCC and all the contributors who have generously donated their time, faith and repertoires is paramount and the SCC is dedicated to ensuring that the material collected is used appropriately and in line with the agreements made between the SCC and all the contributors.

If you are in doubt about how to use this material, just get in touch with us at

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